The Ghana ThinkTank was founded in 2006 by Christopher Robbins, John Ewing, and Matey Odonkor. Carmen Montoya joined the project in 2009.

Shannon Lee Carroll: Videographer
Martin Harding: Physical Computing Specialist (for Lebanon)
Kevin Patton: Physical Computing (for New York, China and Germany)
A.J. McGuire: Web Design
Rachel Peddersen: Summer ’11 Associate
Catherine McTague: Summer ’11 Associate
Tom Kietz: : Summer ’11 Associate

We would like to thank our generous sponsors and supporters:
Creative Capital
smARTpower, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, administered by the Bronx Museum of the Arts
CEC ArtsLink
SUNY Purchase College
Queens Museum of Art
Creative Time
Puffin Foundation
Black Rock Arts Foundation
New York State Council on the Arts

And, of course, our Think Tanks!
El Salvador
Cambodia: Olesia Plokhii, Journalist for The Cambodia Daily, Haley Hrymak, English teacher for the International Institute of Cambodia (IIC), and English students from the IIC.
Mexico (Zapotan): Paty Silva, Norman Blanco, Guilda de Alba and Regina CantĂș
Gaza Strip
Lebanon: Vilma Paat, Mercedes Feolino, Aileen Brabante and Marry. Organized by Ashlee Tuttleman.
Serbia: Ivica Mihajlovic, Milan Grujic-Aksentijevic, Ivana Tasic, Ana Antic, Vladan Stojkovic, Bojan Trajkovic, Marjan Prvulovic, Prijezda Jovanovic, Marjan Pejic, and Nikola Milenkovic
Artistic Noise

6 Responses to Credits

  1. Kwaku Kyei says:

    Interesting project.Just wanted to introduce to you Recnowa Initiative a Ghanaian non-profit that seeks to innovate with some of the millions of plastic and other material waste creating enviromental havoc in Ghana and turning them into high fashion goods for both the local and international markets.
    If you would like any assignment on waste management to propose solutions or partnership we are there.
    Stay blessed.

  2. How can we get in touch with you for conferences/events/speaker requests?

  3. fridah land says:

    i’m confused – is this over? and why was/is it called Ghana ThinkTank? is/was this initiated by Ghanaians? is it out of Ghana?

    • Christopher says:

      Ghana ThinkTank is still very much in action. In 2012 we worked in Tbilisi, Georgian and Tassoultante, Morocco, as well as New York City. In 2013, we will move to the US/ Mexico border.

      It is called the Ghana ThinkTank because the first think tank was from Ghana. Also, it seems to get the idea across well. Now, there are also think tanks in Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, Mexico, El Salvador, Serbia, and on… but we kept the name “Ghana ThinkTank” b/c it explains the premise without becoming too specifically political (like if it was called “Cuba ThinkTank” for instance.

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