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Ghana ThinkTank at the Mexican Border

Ghana ThinkTank is delighted to announce that we are a recipient of the 2013 Creative Capital Award for Emerging Fields.

Ghana ThinkTank

Collecting immigration problems in Yuma, Arizona.

This award will allow us to begin the multi-year project Ghana ThinkTank at the Mexican Border, or simply ThinkTank at the Border, which focuses on the conflicting views and problems around Immigration in the United States.

Ghana ThinkTank’s success at bringing conflicting groups together at an international level over the past seven years has led us to address the crises around immigration in our own country. The project sparks collaboration between opposing sides around issues of immigration, by asking individuals from each group to solve each other’s problems, and then implement the other’s solutions.

Ghana ThinkTank session at Torolab’s La Granja, Tijuana.

Using focus groups, on-the-street interviews and anonymous postcards, Ghana ThinkTank collects problems from people living on both sides of immigration issues, forming think tanks of deported Immigrants and civilian border patrols, undocumented workers and Patriot Groups, Mexican and US citizens, all the while giving the public insight into the complex issues surrounding immigration.

Problems are exchanged with members of the opposing group, and each “think tank” offers solutions to the other. Ghana ThinkTank then returns to each community to mobilize its members to implement those solutions. The solutions are put into action, documented and shared in a roving exhibition that continues the conversation. We are also working with non-profits and civilian organizations working on all sides of immigration issues along the border to develop a toolset for conflict-prevention based on the Ghana ThinkTank model.

Problems collected from “anti illegal immigrant” groups presented to think tanks of recently deported and “undocumented” or “illegal” immigrants.

In a culture in which “think tank” often means “paid lobbyist,” and decisions are made far away from the regions they control, we are building our thinktanks from those directly affected by Immigration and Immigration policy.

Although our focus is currently the border regions of Yuma, Arizona/ San Luis, Mexico and San Diego, California / Tijuana, Mexico, we will also work within inland communities such as Siler City, North Carolina and Postville, Idaho, because we know there is a Mexican border in almost every state in our country.

More info here.

Ghana ThinkTank at the Mexico Border is a Creative Capital project.

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